Law & Basketball Core Programs

Young Law Legal Club aka YLLC – Teaching Children/Youth Law

Reimagining Life Curriculum

Recycle Sustainability Reclaim Program

Industrial Agriculture Hemp Pilot Program

Law & Basketball Therapeutic Boot Camp

Law & Basketball Program Overview

Overview of the programs of Law & Basketball including collaborations and explanation of how each programs is independent and interdependent creating a safety net for children to not become entangled with the law through applying out school fundamental basketball to life both on and off the court.

Old School Fundamental Basketball

Instills Morals, Values, Principles and Communication Skills.

Relationships Foster Undergirding the Law Teachings Applied to Life.

Holistic Positive Outcomes Both on and off the Court.

Law & Basketball Programs & Partnerships

  1. Law and Basketball Old School Skill Set Training
  2. Reimagining Life Principles, Priorities & Pathways Curriculum
  3. YLLC aka Young Law Legal Club
  4. Law & Basketball Therapeutic Boot Camp
  5. Law & Basketball Animation
  6. Law & Basketball Sustainability Program
  7. Recycle Sustainability Reclaim Program
  8. Industrial Agriculture Hemp Pilot Program

Law & Basketball Programs function through a collaborative partnership between Repair Shop Outreach Ministries, Inc., a 501c3, ExFelon Association, Inc., a 501c4 and Bio Waste Tech, Inc, a for profit.